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If you are after an engaging an innovative business development strategist for your business look no further than Sue-Ella Prodonovich.


What our clients are saying

This was by far the best investment we’ve made in our business. Having Sue-Ella guide us through the program was like having a cross between Mother Theresa and Margaret Thatcher. It was just what we needed.
— SENIOR PARTNER National Law Firm

Wow. This is just what I needed. I’m very lucky to have you on board.
— Director of Business Development, National Mid-Tier firm

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent work in the recent client surveys and accompanying presentation. In the past we have tried numerous client surveys. In my experience they have been unhelpful (at best) and counter-productive (at worst). They have caused unhappy clients to just get angry and supportive clients to get annoyed.

However, this is the best client survey process I have seen. The interviewers we well informed, the questions were well structured and the clients responded honestly and engagingly. The results (good and bad) were well presented and the analysis of the report was interesting and thought provoking. Your presentation at the retreat was excellent. 
— Senior Partner, Australian National Law Firm

I call them the Rock Stars of our marketing profession. The value of being in the same room with those who presented, not just to pick their brains, but for them to share the latest and greatest in what we need to do to be successful, was worth the price of the conference itself! And no conference would be the same without our friend from Australia, Sue-Ella Prodonovich.

As Ross (Fishman) stated, Sue Ella has become so well known and loved among marketers that she is simply known as “Sue-Ella,” not because we can’t pronounce her last name correctly, but because she’s terrific and offers an approach that makes the necessary, everyday act of conversations attorneys have with clients seem much more effective and fruitful.
— NANCY MYRLAND Myrland Marketing and US Legal Marketing Association

If you are after an engaging an innovative BD strategist for your business look no further than Sue-Ella. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Sue-Ella over the past few years at Crowe Horwath and I have always been impressed with her blend of BD / Marketing knowledge coupled with her sharp business acumen. Always with a focus on solution-based outcomes, I highly recommend Sue-Ella for any business wanting to stretch and grow.
— MERILYN SPEISER General Manager - HR, Crowe Horwath