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What does 2015 hold for Marketing and BD in Professional Services?

On 25 November I'm leading an interactive workshop on what to expect from marketing and business development in the professional services space over 2015. 

Without giving too much away, my view is that the climate is getting more competitive  for legal and accounting firms and business development needs to get smarter - much smarter. Successful firms will be the ones that continually develop, test and refine strategies to manage their business development and marketing function in a way that costs less and delivers more.

My aim will be to give all participants practical solutions that they can implement more or less immediately. That means I'll be covering practical topics such as: 

  • Help vs Value: Positioning the marketing / BD function 
  • Flipping the funnel: Marketing to BD to CEM 
  • ROI: The client pathway and conversions in Business Development 
  • Competing in the ‘Red Zone’: Client Experience Management.

The talk is in Brisbane and will be hosted by APSMA Queensland.

You can find out more and book your place here.

Sue-Ella Prodonovich