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Competent jerks and loveable fools: How does your network work?

On Friday 17 October I facilitated a workshop for Young Insurance Professionals Aust & NZ [YIPs] about building networks.  It was a sell out - with professionals from Insurers, brokers, law firms, and accounting firms taking an interest in career development, industry news and catching up with friends and colleagues.  Added bonus was the CPD / CIP points.

What we covered:

  1. The role of cohesive and bridging networks for career development
  2. The strength of weak connections
  3. Team networks:  lovable fools and competent jerks
  4. Mapping and managing a network
  5. Getting started:  Actions for tomorrow and longer term.

Hats off to AON and Wotton & Kearney Lawyers for supporting this event.

Sue-Ella Prodonovich