Don't abandon the hourly rate just yet

We’re often told that the billable hour has had its day. That it’s archaic, that it’s inefficient, that it makes our clients angry and holds our practices back. So why do I tell many of my clients to charge an hourly rate instead of opting for alternative fee arrangements?

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7 strategies that will help mushy middle law firms make a mint

A little while back I wrote an article cautioning law firms about the perils of playing in the ‘mushy middle’. I pointed out that this was the most competitive - and most vulnerable - part of the legal services market where fees are under the greatest threat. It’s also the part where it’s becoming hardest to make a decent living.

But, still, that doesn’t mean your firm can’t thrive, even if it’s sitting smack bang in the middle of the bell curve.

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4 things your associates were afraid to ask (but you really should tell them)

When it comes to the way your law firm operates - and what you expect your lawyers to do to keep it profitable - you might be surprised what your associates don’t understand.

I recently ran some one-day workshops with Sam Coupland from FMRC for lawyers with 2-6 years experience. Here’s four things that came out of their mouths that we needed to set straight...

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It's September... Christmas card time!

One of the main challenges in developing any professional services business is finding new ways to keep your personal brand top of mind and tip of tongue.

At yesterday’s Practice Reboot workshop, we discussed the best techniques rainmakers use to maintain regular contact with their network of clients, prospects, referral sources and influencers.

Essentially, it all boils down to a habit of keeping in touch on a regular and pleasant basis. But, like exercise, that takes time...

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7 things professionals can learn from creatives

I recently spoke at the 2016 CXPS (Client Experience in Professional Services) Conference in Durham, North Carolina. Coincidentally, the conference was held at the same time as Moogfest, an event that bills itself as a gathering of “artists, futurist thinkers, inventors, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, scientists, and musicians.”

What I found interesting was that almost everything these creatives talked about applied just as much to lawyers, accountants, and other professionals. So, here are 7 ways professionals can be more creative, inspired by my Moogfest session.

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3 common fears about client feedback (and how to overcome them)

The value of client feedback to professional services firms is well documented. Good client feedback can - and should - help inform - the way your firm goes about so many things, from the training it provides through to the pitches it gives and even potentially the way it charges.

And yet, so many professionals let their fears about client feedback hold them back from doing it properly.

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