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Business Development Advice

Any professional services firm hoping to grow in today’s competitive marketplace needs a plan for - and ongoing commitment to - strategic business development and marketing. 

Prodonovich BD advice

Business Development Advice

Today’s professional services landscape is changing fast. Technology is disrupting traditional ways of doing business. Client expectations are evolving. New firm models and new competitors are emerging. And globalisation is opening up new markets, while taking others away.


Against this backdrop even the very best law firms, accounting firms and other professional services firms need to stay one step ahead. That’s where we come in. 

We help firms thrive in a rapidly changing landscape, leading them to the ideas, insights and advice that will let them build a sustainable practice. And we do it by showing them where their threats and opportunities lie, how to better harness the talent that’s already in their firm and what steps they need to take to make their plans become reality.

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