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Accelerate your firm's revenue growth with a blitz

When it comes to winning more work nothing gets professionals going more than a bit of healthy competition.

That was the thinking of Ashley Tenney, Senior Business Development Manager at McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP (now Dentons). Ashley won the Sales & Service Executive of the Year Award at this year’s LSSO*  Conference in Chicago for her ‘45 day client blitz’.

The program used a formal competition to encourage lawyers to get out from behind their desk and foster deeper client relationships.

Points were awarded for 19 different business activities - from sending a relevant article with a personal note (2 points) to introducing them to a lawyer from another team within the firm (15 points). Lawyers were also given room to move, with the chance to nominate their own point-scoring activities.

At 5pm each Friday, points were tallied and the scorecard shared among the lawyers at the firm.

You can download the scorecard for Ashley’s program from the LSSO website here.

Bringing it back home

I know from personal experience how successful a client blitz can be.  

In 2013, I worked with Sydney firm Brown Wright Stein, to build and implement a similar campaign. The net effect was a decrease in ‘lock up’ and an increase in profits of more than 25%.  

The program also led to the firm receiving ALPMA’s Innovation of the Year Award.

Call or email me if you’d like to talk about how to run a ‘blitz’ in your firm. I’m happy to share more examples and point out traps to avoid.

You can also read about how to design and implement a successful sales program in your firm by fostering a bit of healthy competition among your own lawyers.

*LSSO is the US-based Legal Sales & Service Organisation. Sue-Ella is a member of its Editorial Board.

Sue-Ella Prodonovich