workshop & retreat facilitation 

The best firm retreats energise your practice, motivate your team and set you up for success over the next 12 months. But often firm leaders don’t have the time they need to make their retreat an effective one.

Prodonovich Advisory can design a tailored firm retreat program specifically designed to help you plan and reach your business goals. We can also facilitate a session or workshop to initiate, test or re-energise your firm’s plan.

Our ‘Marvellous Retreats’ series includes seminars on:

      Ideas for winning new business. Where to focus, what to do and how to keep momentum.

      Growth from existing clients. Ideas for improving client engagement and earning the right for more work.

      Introducing ‘sales’ to professional services.

      Pathways to partnership. A blueprint for an emerging leader program.

      Using social media to generate business leads.

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